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Ricola Berry Medley Throat Drops, 45 Count | Seasons Foundry

Ricola Berry Medley Throat Drops, 45 Count | Seasons Foundry

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Ricola Berry Medley Throat Drops, 45 Count, Delicious Throat Relief & Care, Oral Anesthetic, Naturally Flavored


  • Low dosage of natural menthol supports voice care and relieves everyday throat irritations such as from singing, talking, or cheering
  • Contains one package of Ricola Berry Medley Drops with 45 individually wrapped drops to easily refresh your day with delicious berry flavors, and conveniently soothe everyday throat irritations anywhere, such as at work, school, or socializing
  • Refreshing naturally flavored drops with real berry juices contain Ricola's unique blend of 10 herbs cultivated from Switzerland using a tradition of sustainable farming methods
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian throat drops suitable for ages 6 and up, and are made with natural flavorings and colors for a delicious choice you can feel good about
  • Ricola Berry Medley Throat Drops support everyday voice care and soothe minor irritations such as from talking, singing, or allergies with natural menthol. Naturally flavored with real berry juices.
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