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Laundry Detergent Liquid Soap (90% Less Plastic) - Juniper Sandalwood | Cleancult

Laundry Detergent Liquid Soap (90% Less Plastic) - Juniper Sandalwood | Cleancult

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Defeats Stains & Odors - Free From Harsh Chemicals - Paper Based Carton, Uses 90% Less Plastic - (32oz, 3 Pack)

Brand: Cleancult


  • CLEAN ALWAYS MEANS CLEAN: Clean isn’t just a state, it’s a feeling we facilitate. Just one half ounce of our natural laundry detergent transforms your laundry, delivering crisp, clean clothes every time. One 32oz carton comfortably washes 64 loads.
  • TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA: Our hypoallergenic, sensitive skin-safe liquid laundry detergent battles on three fronts: fighting stains, removing odors and softening clothes.
  • REFILLING NOT LANDFILLING: Each laundry detergent refill uses eco friendly, paper-based, 100% recyclable packaging. No secret handshakes or ceremonial robes. Just a clean refill system made with 90% less plastic.
  • A CLEANER KIND OF CULT: We only use the good stuff to keep your clothes clean and your family safe. Our laundry detergent liquid formulas are always made without phthalates, phosphates, petroleum based ingredients, dyes, SLS, & SLES.
  • SMELLS LIKE CLEAN SPIRIT: Lighten your load and be enlightened on laundry day with the heavenly scents of our non toxic laundry detergent. Our premium fragrances mark the accomplishment of a job well done.


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